Ethical and Sustainable Policy

Hengg Ying Global Technology Co.

Hengwin is unwavering in its commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. This comprehensive policy underscores our dedication to eradicating child labor and fostering environmental sustainability, emphasizing the integration of these principles throughout our entire supply chain, including subcontractors.

1.Child Labor Policy

1.1 Minimum Age for Employment

Hengwin unequivocally prohibits the use of child labor. For the purposes of this policy, a child is defined as an individual under the age of 16, aligning with international labor standards. Strict adherence to all relevant laws and regulations governing the minimum age for employment is non-negotiable.

1.2 Verification and Monitoring

In our pursuit of compliance, a robust system of verification and monitoring will be implemented. Regular audits will be conducted to assess adherence to this policy, extending these assessments to subcontractors within our supply chain.

2.Environmental Sustainability Policy

2.1 Sustainable Sourcing

Hengwin places a paramount focus on environmentally friendly practices, insisting on sustainable sourcing of materials throughout the supply chain, including subcontractors. This commitment encompasses responsible farming, adherence to environmental regulations, and prioritization of eco-friendly practices.

2.2 Waste Reduction and Recycling

Dedication to minimizing waste is a core tenet. Hengwin will implement comprehensive measures for waste reduction and recycling, extending these practices to subcontractors. This includes responsible waste disposal methods and a proactive approach to eco-friendly packaging.

2.3 Energy Efficiency

Optimizing energy efficiency is not just a goal; it's a commitment. Hengwin will actively involve subcontractors in initiatives aimed at assessing and improving energy efficiency. Exploring renewable energy sources where feasible will be a key focus.

2.4 Pollution Prevention

Preventing pollution is fundamental to our sustainability efforts. Hengwin will implement cutting-edge technologies and processes to minimize pollution, with subcontractors being integral to these practices.

3. Compliance and Reporting

To ensure ongoing alignment with legal requirements and industry standards, this policy will undergo regular reviews and updates. Employees, stakeholders, and subcontractors are encouraged to report concerns related to child labor or environmental sustainability. Confidentiality and protection against retaliation will be guaranteed for all reports.

4. Training and Awareness

Comprehensive training programs will be extended to employees and subcontractors alike. This ensures a clear understanding and unwavering commitment to the principles outlined in this policy, fostering a culture of ethical responsibility.

5. Continuous Improvement

Hengwin is dedicated to a continuous process of improvement in both ethical and environmental performance. We will set measurable goals, regularly assess progress, and adapt practices to achieve ever-higher standards.

6. Communication and Transparency

Widespread communication of this policy to all employees, suppliers, and subcontractors is essential. Transparent reporting on efforts and achievements will not only ensure accountability but will also build trust among stakeholders.

7. Legal Consequences

Non-compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, termination of business relationships, and legal proceedings in accordance with applicable laws.

By adopting this comprehensive policy, Hengwin aspires to set an industry benchmark, fostering an ethical and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem across our operations and throughout our supply chain.